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  • Komlóš Pension - is a two-star pension situated in the area of the Thermal bath Horné Saliby. The pension is famous for its traditional lowland dishes such as "komlóš" sausages, spicy "paprikáš", dumplings, cakes, noodles and many other specialities. >>MORE<<
  • Restaurant FOCUS - has a capacity of 100 seats. It is possible to create individual sections for organizing several events - trainings, seminars, weddings, anniversaries, graduation celebrations and others. A terrace with the capacity of 56 seats belongs to the restaurant. The snack bar is in service during the summer touristic season. Free parking in front of the restaurant is ensured. >>MORE<<


The roofed relaxation-rehabilitation centre has three swimming pools. Resting - sitting with thermal water (39 - 40 °C). Resting with massage jets, with thermal water (36 °C). Relaxing with a depth of 130 cm, it provides the opportunity to swim, includes water spouts and bottom geyse (up to 30 °C).  >>MORE<<


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9:00 - 18:00